Five Daily Tricks to Make your Life Happier

Money can be awesome. Friends can be great. Family can be dependable. Life can definitely be crazy. And each day typically brings a new surprise where you’re wondering what is going to happen next. You may plan, and plan, but the best thing you can do is worry less about the plans, and think more about the now.

And typically whether it’s the now or tomorrow, we want happiness. We want the choices that make us smile, provide us freedom, and give us a little more excitement and anticipation for what’s coming next.

So here are five daily tricks I use to make my life a little happier…

  1. Get up earlier and use that time to do things you think you don’t have time for – read the paper with a cup of coffee, play with your kid or pet, spend a little extra time in bed with your significant other, or just catch up on some tv because you can.
  2. Allow yourself something you enjoy – whether it’s reading a book, drinking tea, having that one piece of dove chocolate, or texting with a friend – make sure you allow yourself something that makes you smile.
  3. Say I love you – whether it’s to your family, a friend, a pet or yourself, take time to say it once a day and mean it. You’d be surprised how saying the words make the feeling stronger too.
  4. Give yourself an affirmation – telling yourself something good about yourself each day isn’t just a hokey thing. For example, acknowledging you kicked ass on a project, had a good workout, are having a good hair day, look good in those jeans, etc isn’t just something you have to wait for someone else to say to or for you. You are your biggest supporter.
  5. Treat your body right – we only get one, and it’s the body that gets us through the day. Feed it right. Give it water. Provide it some rest, but also some activity, and don’t forget to allow it to dance it off. Truth.




image source – pixabay

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