Five must haves for a home gym

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When you live in a city, spaces are smaller. Schedules are crazier. You are constantly on the go. And some mornings, getting to the gym seems daunting. That’s why I find it necessary and helpful to have some workout items at home to use. I feel less pressured on time and know i can get in some type of workout basically everyday.

 The five things I have to have in my home gym include:
  • Free Weights – I prefer 5 and 10 pound weights to mix up my strength workouts.
  • Kettle bells – they work differently than free weights and are helpful to have different weight counts too. I typically have 10, 15 and/or 20 pound bells.
  • A yoga mat – when you aren’t doing massive cardio and want to focus on squats, planks, and other pilates/yoga type workout.
  • Pilates weights – for pilates, obviously.
  • A mini ellyptical – I have a hands free ellyptical that allows me to do low intensity cardio workout at home – which is great to use when you want to get in your favorite show but still workout.
┬áTip – use weights with the hand free ellyptical. Works legs, arms, and core.
Tip – Add squats to the above tip to crank it even more.
What are your must haves?

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