Five reasons not to give up on what matters …

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It can be tiring, running on a hamster wheel – waking up, coffee, shower, working, cooking dinner (maybe), working out (maybe), unwinding (hopefully), bed, rinse and repeat. Whether you go into work or work from home, it’s a repetitive cycle, especially in winter when getting out seems harder (mentally and sometimes physically) to do. So how do you focus on your goals like exercise, eating healthy, a side project, drinking more water, getting enough sleep, keeping up with the people who matter in your life, finding time for your kids daily (real time), so on and so forth?

Determination and dedication speak up when motivation may be lacking. That determination to keep moving will help you in times of wanting to stay in bed longer, or being too tired in the evening, or lacking focus during the day.

Five reasons not to give up…

  1. You’ve started and have a goal in mind – keep that goal in sight
  2. Even if you stumble or lose your way, you can always get back on track
  3. It’s about progress not perfection – sometimes a marathon vs a sprint
  4. Your life is meant to be lived not just lived through
  5. You deserve everything you can do for yourself – mind body and soul

And when that devil on your left shoulder says you can’t or screw it, remind yourself you can. And it’s not due to punishment or consequences that you keep going on your journey, it’s about the reward and the reason you started in the first place.

Take a moment to appreciate how far you’ve come.

Until next time, #radiatedaily

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