Fourteen Year Later

14 years later.

Year 1 – 4 College. It began here.
The first four years were at Simmons College. I moved into Boston a naive, eager, and excited 18 year old. I made some lasting friendships with friends who I lived and shared my academic years with. Being a Physics major – was no easy feat. One of my best friends – to this day – Julia Roy – was my anchor. We spent some all nighters with sweedish fish, running around the city, carving out who we were as adults … and at the same time — didn’t fall off the stage at graduation.
Year 5 The Real World
Our first apartment. After being college roommates for about 3 years, we moved into our first place in the Fenway area. It was small, cheap and just what we needed as fresh college grads. I worked in government for over a year where I learned that being an Exec. Admin means being super organized, a crazy time manager, and of course extremely personable. It was a perfect stepping stone to….Year 6.
Year 6 – 7 Law School
Yup – I tried it. It was not my best decision, but not my worst either. I learned a lot – and not just from Contracts Law. I learned that it wasn’t the career for me, and also how important it is to try things and see what is the right fit for your career and happiness. My friendships during this time may have moved away to different states or cities, but when we see each other – our friendships are strong. We’ve been through hell…and back. And we still text almost everyday – to this day. Yes, that’s law school.
Year 8 The Inbetween Year
Well law school was a bust. I began to paralegal and intern while I waited for grad school admissions for my MBA program. My ventures into social media were already underway during law school – and my interest was driving my career. Julia had left by this time to NYC, and Shannon our partner in crime (and best friend), was my new and awesome roommate. Dare I say the bottles of wine and cheese didn’t hurt. We rocked our downtown apartment – and got a kitten to boot. Lucky was the perfect fur addition.
Year 9 – 10 MBA, Score.
Brookline – basically the suburbs right? I finally moved into my own 1 bedroom. A big transition and also a great one. Ok I did have a fur roommate – and she was the perfect 5 pound feisty nugget. I started my MBA program and loved every second of it. I had found my place. I made some awesome friends from all over the globe, and learned the importance of doing as much as you can while a student – from starting a conference, blogging, networking, and working at local agencies/startups. I took advantage of the Boston marketing world – b/c there were (and are) some super talented amazing folks who live in it. And speaking of great marketers, I met 3 ladies who rocked my marketing and friendship world. They made Boston an even more dear home. Ladies – you are my Charlottes, Carries, Samanthas, and Mirandas all wrapped up.
Year 11 – 13 Digital marketing is my Jam
Oh shit, no more school. I tried the startup world – learned a ton. Moved into the global agency world. This was one of my best career moves. I worked on a bazillion brands and learned what it truly meant to work on digital content – with the help of an amazing boss. I wouldn’t have traded this experience…totally worth it. And made some pretty great friends too. #T
Also, during this time, a great friend returned and we started Radiate Daily. What a whirlwind it’s been so far…
And last but definitely not least – my sister moved here. And the best part – we became real friends.
Year 14 The next phase
I now embark on a new adventure. Boston, you’ll always be my home – but NYC I’m coming for you. From one city to another – I am a true city girl, and I cannot wait to try the amazing food, shop the sample sales, be all cultural and stuff, and walk everywhere – b/c yes, I still don’t see the need to own a car.
Boston has been my home for 14 years. It’s where I grew up from 18 – 32. It’s where I made my best friendships. It’s where I learned who I am, and grew into who I am proud to be today. It’s where I learned that believing in yourself, is invaluable.
Thank you Boston. You’ll always have my heart.
Time to paint a new adventure. 
NYC, let’s do this.

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