Gym Woes

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Lacking motivation to get to the gym? It happens.

Struggling every week? Stop complaining and do something about it.

Change your perspective.

Focus on the attainable. Set goals to reach. Small milestones that keep you motivated each week or month.
For example, if you have a weight goal to reach, break into chunks so that it is more feasible, and less daunting. As we get older, losing pounds gets harder. And some body types have easier/harder times based upon genes. Give yourself a break and realize that it may take you more time. Divide up the pounds you want to lose and that way you get excited when you reach the smaller milestones, making you more encouraged for the final one.
If you are trying to gain more muscle mass, set out certain workouts you will do each week and break them out into different days. It allows your muscles to recoup and for them not to get used to the same workout.
In my routine, I typically do some cardio each day but separate out weights and strength exercises so my arms or legs have a chance to bounce back and don’t get injured from too much in a row. I’ve had a thing of focusing on free weights to encourage slender toning on my arms, and squats/lunges/planks to focus on butt/thigh areas to ensure I can keep up when running around the city.
Plus mixing it up, is way less boring.
How do you stay motivated?
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  • Ryan Harnedy
    September 16, 2015

    Awesome advice! One of the things I’ve found helps is to map out your workouts before the week starts, and to back your work clothes the night before, it helps to get you out the door, which really is the hardest part.