Friends who show up

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Friendship has a lot of definitions, and can go from people who speak a couple times a year but that bond is strong, to those who speak almost everyday and know everything about one another, to those who barely speak but hang out casually when they can. Whatever the type, friendships are important and impact our lives to many extents. Some leave large marks, while others just feel like a person you met on a flight.

Every relationship/friendship has a purpose. It has a length in time. And that is ok.

Recently I went through a rough period (and still am) and you truly realize the ones who care…because they show up. They go that extra mile. Some sent me cards, others sent me personalized gifts specific to the moment, while others texted and checked in regularly to see how things were/are going. It’s not to say you need people to buy you things, it’s more about the sentiment and going the extra step — even checking in more often or saying hi a few extra times goes the extra mile.

This is not to say the friends who did not are bad friends. Not at all. Many are busy, and have such busy lives with families and work and travel that it’s difficult to keep up with everything and everyone. It’s totally understandable.

But then you have those who can make the time, and choose not to. Are forgetful. Don’t care enough to make the time. Are selfish. Or [insert word here].

Sometimes it takes major moments to see who are your true friends and the level of friendship they share with you.

To all those who walked or sprinted that extra mile – thank you.

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