Getting Down and Dirty with Spring Cleaning Your soul

As you grab those trash bags and your dust mop to get ready to clean your living space, give yourself a moment to think about not only cleaning what is around you, but what is inside of you.

This is where the fun begins! This is getting to the hard nitty gritty parts of you that has been collecting dust and residue in your mind and heart that needs to be cleaned out and thrown away, or a the very least put away for safe keeping.

I personally have been thinking a lot about what I need to clean out lately, simply because too much has cluttered my mind and made my heart feel so incredibly dirty and heavy. Life at times can throw you some hard stuff making you reevaluate everything you know to be good and true.

So here is a list I think will help you clean out those emotional and mental cob-webs as we welcome a new season.

Letting Go of Toxic People: I put this first, because we might as well jump ahead into the hard stuff. And this is definitely the hard stuff. Much like the overflow of clothes you don’t wear anymore or the old books and magazines that just clutter your space, toxic people in your life do the same. They fill up space that no longer serves you.   The word toxic may be a harsh word, because not everyone you need to get rid of is toxic, but sometimes the relationship is no longer serving the greater good in your life.

Sometimes the people who were once a vibrational match are no longer on the same frequency as you and it’s time to move on to people who are. You will find that once you do this and accept that this is the case, you will make room for people who are on the same frequency as you and love you for all that you are. I am not going to say this will be easy, nor will I say you have to do this immediately, because of course there are emotions involved and histories and memories and loose ends that need to be tied. But eventually you will have to make a choice of whether a person or the people in your life are helping or hindering the person you are. Tough choices.

Dust Away Regrets: Regretting anything you have done or haven’t done does nothing for your emotional wellbeing. All it does is clog your mind with thoughts that you cannot change or control. Decisions or actions made in the past are over with, there is nothing more that can be done, other than to move on. I lived with this one regret for many years, while it wasn’t one that was taking up space in my mind, from time to time I thought about it and all it did for me was put me in a bad mood and make me punish myself for something I did when I was a teenager. It is always useless, because even though I tried to rectify this regret over the years, there was truly nothing that could be done.

Being Angry: If there is anything nastier when spring cleaning your soul, it’s anger. It is gross, it is dirty and dingy and without cleaning your soul properly the stains of it could last a lifetime. I can tell you I have had my days, my angry days. They’re not pretty, just terrible. These days it is best to leave me alone, because my insides are screaming and yelling and crying with the urge to throw things.

It’s easy to say you need let this anger go, but where do you begin? Letting it go will take some heavy duty cleaning products like therapy and meditation and more. It’s important to take deep breaths, and while you should absolutely allow yourself to feel these emotions, don’t allow them to live inside of you like a fungus.   The damage could alter much more than what caused the anger in the first place.

Use this as an opportunity to find something to calm you down, maybe take a walk, sing the anger out of your system, dance around your home, but don’t allow the replay of your angered thoughts consume you.

Bad Habits: I will be the first to admit I have one terrible bad habit (my mother might disagree and tell you I have more, but that’s for another post) I smoke cigarettes. It’s terrible, I know it, you know it, the world scoffs at it for good reason – it can kill you.   Take a moment while you’re scrubbing the toilet and think about your bad habit. We all have them. Is it something that you can stop…like right away? Or is it something that may need some time to wean off of?

Once you have identified your bad habit(s), in a journal write about why you are glued to this habit? What does it do for you? How does it make you feel? What do you feel after you have indulged yourself with this habit? Ask yourself the tough questions about it and see what answers come.   I am not going to lie, every night before I go to bed, I say, “I need to quit smoking, this is ridiculous.” I get lectured about it all the time from family, friends and co-workers alike. But every morning I wake up an have that wonderful, harmful tightly wrapped chunk of toxins with my coffee. It’s horrible. I know why I do it, I know it’s harmful. But right now, I know I am not willing to give up. I will probably lean towards a slow progression of quitting, that works for me.


image source – pixabay


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