Meditate on That

I have a few friends who meditate on a regular basis, and believe that it works wonders. Whether it’s on a beach, outside on a rock, or just in their home on a yoga mat or pillow, they feel it brings them a sense of balance. A moment of serenity and peacefulness. Allowing them to let go of their daily stresses, anxiety, and fears, even for a few minutes. Providing the ability to overcome some of those in a more calm manner.

The first time I tried, I thought … this is bullshit. How does anyone do this? How can you quiet your thoughts? How can you just sit on a pillow and think wow this is great. I feel awesome.

I’ve felt this way for years, thinking it wasn’t for me. I’d much rather find my “peace” and “calm” through a spin class or even taking a walk outside. And I do still feel this way where I found a way to calm my mind through exercise and being active.

However, I have come around to the idea that yoga and meditation could be worth another shot. Whenever I’ve been to a spa experience, and they have these rooms where you can just sit in a room with low light, some candles or scents for the ambience, I automatically feel relaxed. I feel my body letting go.

I haven’t tried yoga yet, mainly because I enjoy pilates, and find myself looking like a fool when I try to make yoga positions. Perhaps that’s another goal for 2017 to break past my comfort zone and try it anyway.

As for meditation, it’s more actionable goal for 2017 that I plan to try at least on a weekly basis. And work my way up to a more frequent manner. I already try to practice a form of mindfulness where I try to be more in the moment with the people around me and think of what they are feeling and thinking, versus just myself. Now it’s time for me to take it further and try meditation to see if I can break through my barriers of thought and find that silence people speak of.

I’ve read a bunch on this. Most of the actionable meditation guides have said that it’s nice to start with a mantra and say it over and over. When you feel yourself slip into thinking about other things, just start over. Starting with 2 minutes, then 5 minutes, then 10 minutes. I doubt I’d get myself to do more than 10/15 minutes at a time, so 2-5 minutes is a good starting point for me.

My word will be “Radiate” – surprised? It encompasses all the things that project positivity, balance, kindness, and so much more. It’s a word I feel at ease with, and think it could be my mantra.

Wish me luck. I’ll report back soon.


image source: pixabay

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