Self Care – an everyday practice

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We’ve said it here, others say it, we read it, and talk about it – “self care” is important. Whether it’s a face mask, an extra workout, a special girls night, or sleeping in an extra hour. We feel like these are moments we take to do some extra care for ourselves – self care. And yes, they are. But is this really what self care should be?

What really is self care?

In my opinion, the definition of self care has changed. Self care isn’t just putting extra time on the weekends to treat ourselves to that mani-pedi or ice cream and movie night. It’s giving yourself extra care each and everyday. This is one of my favorite quotes:

Self-care is recognizing our top priorities and being honest with ourselves about what it is we’re doing consistently on a daily basis. – Elephant Journal

It’s not just about giving us our small moments, it’s about allowing ourselves self awareness of what we need each day. Maybe we need to say no to plans. Maybe we need to re-prioritize what we are going to get done that week. Or perhaps we need to realize if we are capable of everything that day, or if we need to allow ourselves some leniency. This doesn’t mean we can take a year to meet a month’s goals. But we shouldn’t deprive ourselves of balance and self love and care when we need it. And when we make those smaller milestones like a raise or a 5K, hell yes let’s celebrate. Totally worth that glass of champagne.

What else can we do?

  • Enjoy that cookie. We only live once.
  • Lean on others.
  • Sleep is actually important.
  • That refillable water bottle is your friend at work.
  • You have only one body, treat it kindly.

Self care = self love = everyday love.



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