Spontaneity and Living

I’ve been known as someone who plans, and plans a lot. To do lists for work (weekly and daily), a google calendar which has my appointments and social plans, as well as daily personal to do’s. Who plans reservations for friends, and the weekend when friends visit. My sister (insert rolling eyes here) once said, “did you plan our bathroom breaks?” while we were on a trip in Paris.

This doesn’t mean I didn’t have moments of being spontaneous and not planning. Actually when I started going on more vacations such as a beach trip, I stopped planning altogether when I was at the location. I just went with the flow and let whatever plans happen, happen. It was such a release from daily planner self I normally was. It was soothing to just let go.

As of late, it’s become more so in my regular daily life and it feels like a piece of me has finally opened up. My egg has cracked open, and the part of me I had held back, is saying “hello world.” I recently randomly decided to get a 2nd ear piercing, after work one day. Small, but still spontaneous and I felt great after. I also recently adopted a little brother kitten for my cat, Lucky. Not planned, but something that felt right and just went with.

Planning can leave us just planning and not living. It’s time to live more, and plan a little less.


image source – pixabay

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