Summer Like a Kid

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When we were kids, we would be running outside the second the school bell rang until we had to go back in September. We would be doing anything from riding bikes to playing kickball to running around the beach. The summer was ours, and we wanted every piece of it. The sunshine ruled our days, and even in the rain, we made a way to have some fun.

It was rare that we stayed glued to our phones, like we do now. Unless it was to make plans, of course.

So what happened? Outside of being “adults” why can’t we enjoy summers like we used to?

Let’s take the time to “unglue” ourselves and let loose…

  • Take a stroll in the evening and enjoy the warm weather
  • Grab some ice cream
  • Join a kickball league
  • Go to the beach on the weekend
  • Take a Friday off and have an extra long weekend
  • Have a bbq with friends
  • Rent a bike
  • Go on a hike
  • Have a bonfire and make smores
  • Chill outside just because
  • Grab a new book

And when you run out of ideas, do it all over again. Because hey it’s summer, and relaxing never gets old.


Image source: what’s cooking america

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