The aftermath

When you know you ate too much. Slept too little. Had a few too many glasses of wine. Didn’t make it to the gym…in weeks. You’re on a toxic spiral. And it doesn’t seem to be opening the doors to let you off. You step down, grab some water, a few extra hours of sleep on the weekend, and it starts all over again. Then one day, you crash.

Then there’s the aftermath.

You have to get off the rollercoaster, whether you do it yourself or you’re pushed off.

You need to find a way to pick yourself back up. Sometimes it’s baby steps, sometimes it’s a complete rehaul of your life, realizing that you need to make things better for yourself.

But then what?

You need plan. You need to decide what parts of your life need to be fixed first, and what will be a secondary step. Usually once you pick a couple, the rest will fall into place a lot easier. For example if you start to eat better and get more exercise, you’ll naturally start wanting (and hopefully getting)┬ámore sleep and feeling better and more energized in the AM. It’s about choosing the habits to change, and which ones are going to make you a better person each day. The ones that will help you be more productive at work, and the ones that will make you happier as a person, and in turn loving your life a little more.

Then next time you head down a bit of a spiral, you’ll recognize the symptoms, and realize how to jump off faster, versus letting yourself feel like a hamster, going round and round.

Habits, take time, but they are worth establishing.


Image source: amaohealth

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