The Five Things you MUST do this Summer

If you’re like me and live in the northeast, you know that summer is fleeting. It rushes in and runs away before you can truly experience everything you were hoping to. We get stuck behind our desks, our computers, and our own stubborn minds to get outside and do something. We make excuses that we don’t have time or we’re tired. To hell with tired.

Memories aren’t made sleeping. They aren’t made complaining. And they sure as hell aren’t made watching hulu or netflix (sorry, forgive me, I do love you Hulu and Netflix, but mostly in the winter).

This is not to say there isn’t a way to strike a balance and of course there are rainy humid days, when all you want is a nice glass of wine and a good conversation on your couch. I’m all for it.

But for those other moments, for the moments we’ll remember next summer, here’s my list for you:

1. Explore a new neighborhood; get outside of your comfort zone

2. Try a new activity; tennis, photography, gardening, hiking

3. Get out in nature; if you’re a city gal/guy – get out into the suburbs and feel the greenery around you. Go hang with the deer and bunnies and come back refreshed.

4. Read a book that’s sitting on your coffee table waiting to be opened; yup really. Take it outside and read it in the sun for some vitamin d and time away from the screen.

5. Be in the moment; put the camera/phone away and be there. We have a habit of looking at our phones every 10 minutes (sometimes seconds). Put it away and enjoy where you are, who you’re with. Sometimes even a picture can’t capture the memory that your mind can.


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