Self Image, what a Bitch

With the summer here in full force, and less clothing to be worn, we can’t help but be a little more self conscious at times. And with age comes more body issues we hadn’t even thought could be a problem. Who knew there was such a thing as armpit fat? Seriously.
Our own self image of our bodies can be frustrating. We see all the problem areas and so little of the great features sometimes. We see the sun spots, the wrinkles, the fat, and dark circles. We forget that we probably have pretty great features, and that’s what most people see when they look at us. We forget to appreciate.
It’s our own perception that beats us down. I’m no better, that’s for sure. I look in the mirror sometimes and I see the genetic dark circles I’ve inherited and I cringe. But I put on my $$$ eye cream and am grateful for the slight reprieve that offers me. Again it’s about our perception. On days I drink lots of water and get enough sleep my dark circles appear more faint. Maybe that’s true, maybe it’s how I viewed myself that day.
But how can we view ourselves in that nice shiny light more often? Easier said than done.
A few things have helped me this summer though.
  • working out 5-6 times a week even if it means 30 min of something that kicks my butt
  • drinking more water; a trick I learned from a friend is to stick some fruit like limes or strawberries in my water to make me want to drink it more often
  • eating less crap and drinking less alcohol – it makes my body feel better and I have more energy to work out each day
  • taking time away from the screen – i try to get outside each day even if it’s for a walk to get some coffee
Notice, I didn’t put sleep here – because I’m still working on that. I’m horrible at getting enough sleep each night and hope to fix that at some point.
Lastly, I try to focus on and appreciate the features that I am happy with and highlight those through what I wear to boost my confidence. For example, I have noticed that my arms are less “fatty” than they used to beĀ and are actually beginning to get some definition through the different workouts I do. I have personal goals to not necessarily be thin, but be more fit. To be able to lift more and have greater endurance. And my arms are a good first step. It’s something I’m proud of and allows me to wear more options for dresses and tops. So instead of worrying about my “worry spots” I focus on the good stuff.
How do you #radiatedaily?

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