The podcasts you’re missing out on…

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We have books and movies and netflix, but we also have podcasts. Yes there are some of us who prefer to read or view over listening, but when you’re driving your car, or going for a walk, or commuting, sometimes listening is the perfect way to consume a story, the news or other content we are interested in.

Here are a few I listened to, currently do, or have on my list (add it to the list!)…

  • Serial: we all know this one, by now, don’t we?
  • The Spin Up: a podcast by two Peloton lovers on all things spinning, health and Peloton.
  • Hunted: a story, a mystery, and more.
  • Drama Queens: Walking through one tree hill with the original drama queens: Joy, Hilarie and Sophia.
  • 90210MG: walking through the episodes of 90210 (the original) with Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling and guests.
  • Haunted Places: explore haunted places that you haven’t heard of before or have…
  • HBR Ideacast – weekly podcasts from leading thinkers
  • Michelle Obama: Enough said.
  • Work in Progress: Sophia Bush’s podcast with guest stars of all varieties especially around good causes.
  • The Daily: By the New York times for your daily stories of our time by journalists.

What’s your go to podcast?


image source: pixabay

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