The Ten Reasons to Live Alone Once in Your Life

Everyone should have the luxury of living alone at least once in their lives. It gives an opportunity for growth, getting to know one self, and being more independent. At first I didn’t think I would like it. I thought I would be lonely and miss my friends, and not see them as often. And yes there are times, when I miss the roll out of bed and go to brunch together. Or the watch tv on the couch together nights. But, after trying it on for size, it began to fit pretty great. I love having my space, my own time. My time to decompress from work, life, and to live life the way I like it. And when friends do come over to watch movies, and when we do go to brunch, it’s extra special.

And it also helps that you can:

  1. Live by your own schedule
  2. No one can judge you for watching netflix all day
  3. You can eat cereal for dinner, whenever you want
  4. Walk around in PJs all day
  5. Watch the shows you want to watch
  6. The only alarm clock going off is yours
  7. The only mess you have to clean up is yours (or your pets)
  8. You have more space (hopefully)
  9. You appreciate your own company
  10. You can just be you (aka weird)

And when you do decide to move in with someone again, it’ll be with a new light. You’ll have learned a little more about how you like things. What matters to you in life – whether that’s alone time after work, your gym time on Sundays, or perhaps just taking 30 minutes on Saturdays to catch up on Hulu because, you want to.

Living alone is a time for growth and learning. And being a little more weird. That’s cool too.


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