What makes you, you?

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Each of us are unique…and it would be damn boring if we weren’t. No one wants to be telling the same jokes or having the same level of intelligence…we would not get as far in life or in society if we were. Could you imagine not having Einstein?

What makes you, you?

I know I have some quirks and have come a very round about way to where I am today. My siblings and I are also very different. You have a lawyer and two marketers. But the two marketers (myself included) are complete 180s of one another. Except the sweet tooth part, of course.

I find that my uniqueness used to come from my ability to plan, my Type A-ness that allowed me to stay focused and on top of my priorities, my love for playing the drums (cool fact of the day), and having boy interests like antique and sports car, playing video games, and watching sports. I still am that person, but nowadays I am Type A/B depending on the situation, I prioritize what I need to only. I am still competitive especially when it comes to games and sports, but now I write blog posts, poetry, use music to fit a mood, focus on self care, have an unconditional love for animals, and empathy for most things. I wear my heart on my sleeve but can hold a poker face and hard as steel when I need to be. I am optimistic, but I’m also realistic. I see both sides of the equation, and I think I would be good in a crisis because I have a thing of putting others in front of myself, and am good at planning (still). These are just a few things.

Some of us feel like we are not who we should be or want to change our personalities or exteriors. How about we appreciate the body and personality we were given, and cherish what we have. Let’s put ourselves out there a little more, and say – Hi World, This is me. And if the world shouts back, shout louder.


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