what’s your life list?

Instead of thinking of a “bucket” list, where you think you won’t have much time, and want to accomplish a certain list before moving or if you’re ill, etc — what about a life list?

One, it sounds more positive and uplifting because it’s about living your list rather than trying to get through a list. It’s about figuring out what would make your life happier, more fulfilling, and how you would feel during each experience.

What are some examples?

  • Writing a book
  • Going hiking once a month
  • Learning to play piano
  • Writing letters or speaking on the phone with your best friend each week or month
  • Finding a charity to support physically or through donation
  • Spending an hour each day for yourself
  • Reading 5 books a month
  • Writing a love letter to yourself a few times a year based on your accomplishments and who you are “today”
  • Trying a new recipe each week
  • Drinking those 8 glasses of water
  • Worrying less about what we can’t control and living in the moment
  • Going on a trip with your parent or sibling
  • Having a friend reunion each year
  • Keeping a plant alive for more than a day

…and so much more.

I know I could do better about following a life list…what about you?


image source – pixabay

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