When is enough, enough?

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There’s so much in our lives that have become over-indulgences. From food (the average size of pants has gone up two sizes), to obsessive workout trends, fast fashion (luckily eco-friendly is becoming more the norm as well), all the digital screens we possess and the time we spend with them. the necessity of our phones, briefer forms of communication, and less quality lives due to being “on” 24/7 whether for work or otherwise. Some of us sacrifice sleep, while other sacrifice nutrients and water.

But when is enough, enough when it comes to over-indulgences and sacrifices that bring down our daily and overall health?

I think we’ve all heard it. Moderation.

Moderate our crappy food intake (less is better), moderate our sleep (more is better), moderate our exercise (listen to our bodies on what we can handle and when), moderate our screen time (find the right reasons to be on and for how long), moderate our “being on” for work (there’s always a time to turn off, and take time for yourself, moderate our quality time with friends and family (make it true time, versus just a text or a simple emoji).

What else can we do?

We can keep a journal and track of our daily and weekly habits to see what’s healthy and less healthy and find ways to level them out to an appropriate moderation for each.

And until then, just remember your body feels when something is too much or too little. Just listen.


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