Life’s a marathon…

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We run through life – waking up, to our cup of coffee, a workout, a shower, racing to the office, eating lunch at our desks while we get through as many emails as we can, and from meeting to meeting until we can release ourselves from our desks onto the next thing whether it be social plans, or running home to our families and chores until we fall into partial slumber, while our mind races with to do lists, the things we should have done, the things we must do in the AM, and all the things we wish we could make time for.

But here’s the thing…

Life’s a marathon – not a sprint.

We might race through the day, trying to get to our daily prize whether that be dinner or drinks with friends or our favorite tv show on the couch. But that prize is temporary. It’s fleeting.

The marathon leads us somewhere greater. Towards a new house, a vacation, a relationship, a new addition to the family, a new job, a finished novel we have been only thinking about writing, and so much more.

The sprint may feel like a win, and sometimes we need to cherish the small wins, on the way to the larger ones. But we need to keep our eye on the finish line, just like those real runners, mile 10 or 11, isn’t where it ends. There are a few more hills, and runners to pass, before we can reach where we planned to go.

Are your sneakers ready?


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