Which is it? Intuition or Anxiety?

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Written by contributing blogger, Daniela Forte.

I am a firm believer in following your intuition.  It has been something that I have felt strongly about since I was old enough to understand what it meant. 

I have always been a highly intuitive person, I have always been able to know and feel things before they happened and, in the end, turned out right.   I’ve probably been this way my whole life.

But what happens if you are also a person who suffers from severe anxiety too?  Well, there is the conundrum.  I have asked so many people over the years what the difference between the two and while I have seen the difference, I have not yet been able to separate the two.

Anxiety are fear-based thoughts. You know what they look like. They are the thoughts telling you that people hate you, that they are out to get you, that something bad is going to happen or could happen to a point where it becomes crippling and debilitating to even live a normal life. 

Those of us that are highly intuitive think that these anxious thoughts are our intuition.  And sometimes it is, but most times it isn’t. 

Intuition is a quiet knowing.  They are thoughts that are centered on certainty not followed by fear and noise. Intuition will quietly tell you something and be ever so fleeting. 

Anxiety will linger. It will stay with you and it will scream into your mind like a loud crowded room filled with people telling you horrible things, nothing is ever certain, but your anxiety will tell you it is. 

Intuition isn’t like that.  Intuition tells you something quietly once and that is it.  If it tells you something more than once it is still quiet.  It won’t hit you over the head and make you afraid of living life. 

I have had rare moments in my life where my intuition has told me things where I had no idea where or how I knew the information, but was certain it was correct and I was.   

Anxiety has also told me things over the years, but what I’ve realized those thoughts were based on past experiences I have had with people and situations. 

Two different experiences, both very real.


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