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Have you ever been in the office, or home in bed, or commuting on the subway thinking, this is too hard? You’re overwhelmed, stressed, you feel like you’ve taken on too much, and you don’t know how to balance your life and do it all. You’ve reached the tipping point…it’s like a seesaw when you’re a kid, one moment you’re feeling the joy of being on top and thinking you can do it all, and then next you feel the dip, and think can I really do this?

You have to ask yourself the hard question. Can you?

Many times, we can. We just have to re-balance our priorities and put more effort in certain areas. One week it may be work due to a critical deadline, while another week it’s our loved ones we haven’t seen in a while. It can all be done, but they can’t all be the same level of priority every day, or every week.

Other times you just can’t. And that’s ok too.

You have to realize when you have taken on too much at certain point. For example, did you really have to say you’d plan your friend’s surprise birthday party? Can you give that to another friend to take the reigns? Maybe you can delegate tasks at work to your team, so you can focus on the major tasks at hand, rather than all of it at once.

And other times, you just have to let go. Take a breather.

We all need a moment for some mental and emotional health. Whether it’s an evening to yourself, a weekend away at the beach, or a real week off without email and connections to the stress points. One of my favorite things to do is take one weekend day without a computer at all. And I recently took a week off, where I did not open my computer or allow work alerts for 7 days. Now trust me it wasn’t easy, because I knew there was a lot going on at work. But I had to just trust that my team who is very reliable, could handle it. Other times, I just grab a book that allows me to escape into another world. One that isn’t anything like my own and feel like I’ve allowed myself a break from my regular madness.

Whichever you choose, it’s because your happiness matters, and balance is a necessity to being able to have it all and also let go of the things you don’t need.


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