What shade of color do you view the world in?

Recently, I came across a personal post by friend Kristin Thomas and founder of Thrive by Food. She’s an inspiration when it comes to living a healthy life when it comes to all the capacities we believe in here at Radiate Daily: Mind, Body, and Heart. It takes all 3 to truly ensure you are working on your health and caring for your body…it’s true what they say, we only have one – so shouldn’t we take good care of it?

Here is one post that truly inspired me by Kristin focusing on mental and emotional health. It allows you to take a different view and perhaps see the world through rose colored glasses rather than the grime and soot that can bog us down:

I CHOOSE to see things differently.

I CHOOSE to see love.

It’s INCREDIBLY easy these days to look at the news and feel the negativity.

Or vent to a friend about all the things that are WRONG in the world, with your job, with someone else.

But…what if we CHOSE to see the positive? The love in the world?

I’ve heard people say “I’m ashamed to be a U.S. citizen today” because they choose to focus on the negative…but what about all the AWESOMENESS happening at the same time?!

All the selfless acts people do every day…most of which DON’T get front-line news.

What about all the amazing people working for GOOD companies with GOOD intentions?

Yes, of course we need to have a level of concern for all the bad going on now, but what would happen if everyone chose to focus on just ONE positive thing each day rather than veering to the negative?

Could the world become a better place?

I believe so 100%!

I chose to stop following the news over a year ago and it was the BEST decision I made for myself.

And anytime I feel myself getting upset at someone, a scenario in life, work, etc. I stop myself and say, ‘I choose to see this differently. I choose to see love instead” and I find something AMAZING to focus on and it INSTANTLY lifts my mood and ENABLES me to spread more good in the world.

I refuse to engage in negative talk, gossip, or with people who have poor intentions. These are NOT my people and NOT my conversations.

The more I can focus on what I want to focus on and with that, spread more joy, positivity, and healing in the world, the more I’ll be living my true self.

And if I died tomorrow, I’d be pretty fucking happy I chose to live my life that way.


Powerful words. And then, she did it again. She speaks to us about what we’re searching for in order to find happiness in our lives. It’s true – that even I continue to search each day, week, month for more happiness. A new better focus on eating, better dedication to my career, more sleep, more time with friends. However, sometimes I just need to realize that I have come SO far already. I’m in a place I dreamed about 2 years ago, and I should realize that happiness, is already here. It doesn’t mean we can’t keep striving for bettering ourselves, but we also need to realize the happiness we already have.


Here’s how Kristin puts it:

NOTHING can BRING you happiness.

You have it already!

Know, my love, that there is nothing you need that you don’t already have.

No supplement, food item, essential oil, meditation practice, or person can bring you true happiness — YOU have it already.

You just need to believe it.

As a society, we’re so well trained to look OUTSIDE for the solution. We ask others what they do, we read books, we watch documentaries.

But what we’re REALLY doing is searching for what’s ALREADY IN US!

Wow. How fucking powerful is that?!

You ARE happiness. You HAVE it.

All you need to do and learn is how to LISTEN to it and TAP into it.

This year has been all about BIG SHIFTS for me, and a huge part of that is learning to trust myself, listen to my intuition, and feel and see happiness wherever I go.

I’ve seen firsthand just how powerful that work has been. And now I don’t need to look anywhere else but inside me to find happiness.

I call this the mind-body connection …

You’d be surprised by how much healing can be done to the body JUST by loving your body a little more, having more gratitude in life, and shifting to a more positive outlook on life and health.


Take a moment and reflect. Are you practicing ways to ensure your perspective on life, and yourself is positive and keying in on where you are on the happiness scale?



image source – pixabay

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