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I fully believe that affirmations and stating what you are doing to better yourself helps you strive forward even more. So for the month of December, each day I took a moment each day to write an affirmation on Facebook for me. Self care. Self love. Self happiness. You don’t have to make it public, but for me knowing I had made a public commitment, helped me stay committed and ensured I didn’t miss a day.

What I learned was that I have a lot to be thankful for, my friends, my family, and definitely myself. I am stronger than I thought, and more independent that I realized. It made me more ready for 2018, when I stumbled a few times (literally) and almost landed in a boot for my foot. It helped me realize that whatever comes my way, I can move through it, with some clumsiness and some grace.

Here are a few of my favorites from December, that helped me get to today…

Dec 2. I used to think going to the movies by yourself was lame and a lonely or depressing thing to do. Flash forward to today. I really wanted to see the Justice League and no one seemed around. So I went anyway. Got a recliner seat. My chai latte and a couple snacks. It was relaxing and grew my independence and enjoyment with myself even more. Ps I still love batman. Wonder Woman is my hero. And I have to admit aqua man (hello game of thrones) was pretty awesome.

Dec 3. I have a hard time breaking out of my comfort zone. Especially when I’m not sure if I’ll be good at it. This weekend I got a sweet discount ($1 a class) and tried out pure barre – a class I’m such a newbie at and flywheel. Mind you I’m an equinox loyalist but it was nice to check out some other studios. Reminded me how much Barre is good for you and how there are some awesome instructors outside of my regular gym.

Dec 4. Today I had a conversation with a friend at work about gossip. And the power it holds. The energy it sucks from you because nothing about it is positive. It doesn’t help you. It doesn’t make you a better person. It makes you less worthy of certain friendships. Someone else said to me, those who talk about others lead less interesting lives. They have nothing else to talk about. I’d rather live a more interesting life.

Dec 6. Holiday season. The time when family and friends ask about your relationship status…are you dating? When are you getting married? Don’t you want to have kids soon? Sometimes you can feel the pity [some] of your married friends’ faces. They think, wow she’s still single. She must not be happy. Here’s the reality folks. I am happy as hell. I am independent. I have my own one bedroom in nyc. I have an awesome job. I love my friends and family. A great kitten. I enjoy waking up each morning. And I am not exaggerating. What do I need to be happy? Myself. And I like who I am today. No pity needed here. Just high fives.

Dec 8. We take for granted the time we have. Some folks flake on plans or just refuse to commit. They wait for something better or they stick to coupledom plans instead. What’s the problem with that? It alienates you from your friend group. It shows they aren’t a priority. And life moves on fast. Tonight I’m getting sushi with a great friend who luckily lives in my hood. We make it a priority to make plans regularly because we matter to one another. Whether it’s taking a walk, grabbing food, or just having a movie night. And she’s a friend who texts just to say hi or send funny gifs or insta posts. True friendship  🙂

Dec 9. Sometimes you just need a night to yourself. No plans. No agenda. Just a little quiet relaxation. That’s me tonight.

Dec 14. Love is hard. Love is blind. Love is a bitch. Love is a blessing. Love comes in many forms: friendship, relationships, family, pets, and more. Love is a beast. It can’t always be tamed.

Dec 15. Take a day off just to take one. It helps me to breathe, gain more perspective, have some me time, and most of all makes me better on a regular workday.

Dec 17. Acceptance of yourself is a big thing. With age (although I’m still young duh!) I’ve grown more confident with myself. I realize my flaws, my imperfections, but I’m more kind to them. Yea there are days (typically once a month) when I’m like ugh really. But most nights or mornings when I’m makeup free before or after a long work day I feel good being me. Took a while to get here and I don’t plan to leave.


Dec 20. Appreciate what and who you have. You’ve come a long way to get here.




Dec 25. Hate less. Be more patient. Kindness is a gift. Love a little harder. And eat pie.

Dec 27. 2017 is wrapping up fast. How will you end it? My goal is with starting my 2018 “word” of the year now…because why the hell not. And what’s my word? BADASS. You heard me.



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