Accepting Others

Sounds like a pain sometimes right?

These days it’s become even harder with everyone spreading their views across the internet. From comments on news articles to social media posts.

I find it completely okay to share one’s opinion, on your own, i.e. such as on your own blog or your own Facebook page. However, I find it less okay to comment on someone else’s opinion to surge argument and conflict because you disagree. First, that place is not your to comment – it is owned by someone else. Their place to reflect and speak. Second, it’s none of your business what someone else feels – even if it’s about you. Because it’s their opinion.

I have my moments when I definitely disagree with opinions, especially political, environmental, vaccinations, and of course animal and child care. However, I’d rather share my view, then negate someone else’s – going against them. It’s one thing if someone asked for others’ views, but most are just making comments and expressions.

So before you take it upon yourself to share your thoughts – remember why and where you’re sharing it. Will you accept others?


image source – pixabay

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