Overcome the negative thoughts

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It happens, we just can’t help it – sometimes we wind up in this tornado of negative thoughts whether it’s towards someone else, a situation, ourselves, or just overall. It’s no bueno.

So how do we break through that tornado? Push those negative thoughts aside? Or at least temper them so we aren’t all consumed and only influenced by the negativity?

There are a few things I”ve tried recently that have helped when negativity comes my way. And the worst is when others fuel that negativity. It feels nice to vent, but when that venting becomes more than that, it’s not helping anyone.

So instead…let’s consider a few other options:

  • Find the route of the negativity and see if it’s in your control. If it’s not, then there’s not much you can do about it, so let it be. If you can, then work on the steps towards fixing the issue, in a tempered manner.
  • Step away, take a walk, or shut down the laptop for the day.
  • Focus on an activity that makes you destress such as a spin class or meditation or even grabbing dinner with a friend. Or just sleep on it.
  • This may seem strange, but I read somewhere that watching horror or criminal shows/movies can take us away from our own anxiety/issues because it lets us impose it on something else (i.e. the show) and lets us calm our own heads. Not sure if it works all the time, but I have a habit of watching many criminal type shows, including criminal minds which I love, and it definitely helps me take my mind off of my daily concerns, and allows me to escape. And when I’m done watching, I feel better rested in a way (strangely enough).
  • And when all else fails, call a friend or mentor who is not in the situation, and get their guidance. They will be more level-headed since they won’t be involved in the situation or know the person, and if it’s about you personally they know you well enough to know when you need to just chill out.

Negativity is the worst kind of energy drainer. It makes us feel tired, and worn out, and at the end of the day, all we want to do is sleep. While positive energy (when we focus on this more often) allows us to feel more excited and brings us a natural high. We are more apt to participate in things after work and feel less drained too.


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