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A journey into the unknown.

Are you ready? Or are you scared of what it holds?

The unknown is full of uncertainty and unpredictability. You never know what will enter your life, leave it, or become the norm of your everyday.

So how do we feel comfortable with the uncomfortable?

I know that I like to feel that I have control, but here’s the thing…we can only control what we have control over. And the unknown and future is not typically one of those things.

Here are a few steps I’m trying to take to be okay with this journey:

  1. Recognize that it isn’t in my control
  2. Everything happens for a reason
  3. We are typically dealt cards we can handle and play
  4. The unknown can bring great things if we let it
  5. Be in the moment, and worry less about tomorrow
  6. Appreciate what I have, not what I don’t have
  7. Be mindful of how I feel, and let it go
  8. Be kind to myself

Journeys are adventures. And adventures are meant to be lived, not feared.

So instead of worry, and concern, let’s find ways to look forward to it, and until then live in the moment we are given.


image source: pixabay

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