Adulting needs a new name

Remember the days we didn’t have to do all our own chores, had meals made for us, and only really had to worry about our homework and hygiene? Wow, I miss those days sometimes.

Being an adult can be a real pain in the ass. There are a multitude of bills to pay, regular budgeting, cleaning, laundry (and then folding!), purchasing the household products rather than fun things, fixing things that break, going to work and typically doing more at home or on weekends, worrying about our loved ones and their health, making all the necessary appointments, making time for our own health such as exercise, nutritional grocery shopping, and of course sleep (what is that again?)… the list goes on.

Every Sunday I wish for one more day. One more day to catch up on life. One more day to sleep a little longer. One more to day do nothing. One more day to do all the things I never got to.

Monday scaries? How about Adulting scaries.

We were so excited to grow up and be adult, and have own lives, and be independent and make our own decisions. And now I love going home to have mom’s cooking, lounging on the back deck, and shopping with the fam at the local stores (for fun…not necessity).

Adulting is a means to an end. So how do we not dread all the to do’s?

  • We could reward ourselves with certain items being checked off our list
  • The less we spend and more we save, can allow us to invest that money into something larger like a home or car
  • Doing laundry sucks, but it’s better than buying new underwear each week and wasting money
  • We could delegate some of our to do’s such as deep cleaning to a cleaning service and have groceries delivered versus needing to run to the store each week
  • The more time we can save, the more time we can make for ourselves when needed

Rather than giving in to the dread, let’s give in to the small successes.


image source – pixabay

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