Stress overload

When the stress is piling on, the anxiety is real, and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, how do you cope? How do you deal? How do you pull through to the other side?

Do you have a happy place? A physical place or mental place you can go to in your mind or physically when you need a moment? A moment to take it back, take back control, and yourself?

I have a few happy places:

  • cuddling my furries, picking one up and giving him or her a big squeeze, and even better when they purr
  • making some of my favorite tea – loose leaf preferably to go through the process and allow the process to be a way to take away from the stress
  • having a comfort tv show – mine is Friends for sure, and maybe also criminal minds (don’t judge)
  • having a go-to playlist that automatically comforts me – scar tissue is my favorite song and it always makes me feel at ease
  • texting with a friend even with memes
  • getting some fresh air, even for 5 minutes
  • and when I can’t leave wherever the stress is stemming from, taking a moment to think about it’s just one day, and giving myself something to look forward to (whether it’s my comfort show, plans that weekend, or a chat with a friend)

Stress is sometimes temporary, and sometimes it’s a longer temporary state than we would like. The goal is to remember that we can only control what is under our control, and the rest is something we need to let be or move along with. We can’t control how others feel, what they do, etc – but we can control how we react to them and stress.

So having activities that help to destress are clutch.

What is your go to?

Until next time #radiatedaily

image source: pixabay

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