Two months of gratitude

I wrote before about gratitude.

So I did it, I took every morning – 1-2 minutes a day – to journal what I am grateful for that day. For that day. In that moment.

I didn’t think it would last, but it allows me to realize what there is to be grateful for, despite the mud in our way sometimes. Despite the madness. Despite the times we forget.

And one thing I learned, and know now, it helps and I totally intend to continue. It may not be everyday, but it will be consistent and on the regular.

Here’s a little inspiration for you, if you’re thinking about finding a way to journal your gratitude:

  • A moment to breathe
  • The mud is thick
  • The mud feels hard to get through
  • Sometimes it feels like you’re the only one
  • The sun is peeking through 
  • It’s shedding light on what is really there
  • What sometimes we can’t see
  • Sometimes we avoid seeing
  • Realizing in the end it all works out
  • We are only dealt cards, we can handle 
  • So, breathe
  • Step through the mud
  • Keep moving
  • Keep moving further
  • Lucky is a lie
  • Working hard is true
  • Working hard for the life you want
  • The life you love
  • The life you love every morning
  • And one day Breathing is just normal 

Until next time #radiatedaily

image source: pixabay

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