Another year younger, another year wiser

When you’re past your mid twenties, time just continues to fly faster and faster, with each passing year. It’s both a blessing and a curse in my opinion.

In your 30s, it’s like lightning speed (at least it seems that way, so far). With my next birthday literally around the corner I can’t but reflect on the past year, and the year ahead.

Last year, I had some large moments in my career with awards for our team’s content work, going to Barcelona to showcase it, and continued to make some wonderful work friends. I also lost a couple friends along the way. One who was a toxic friend, and there were so many red flags along the way including her selfishness, that I should have realized sooner. The other being immature and a friend of convenience, who had a lot of growing up to do for herself and for her friends and family to be a true friend to anyone. And worst of all my baby furball was diagnosed with a heart illness which had me at my most stressed on a regular basis in concern for well-being. But at the same time I received a bonus, a raise, am growing in my love for nyc (always), and have discovered the friends and family who truly matter, and who truly care, and the ones I love having around on a consistent basis. I have come more into myself in my 30s, and I hope to continue to do so to love myself first, so I can be an even better person to others. And it didn’t hurt to purchase a Peleton, having my love for spin class right in my home. Hello, self care.

In my upcoming year I hope to continue to:

  • focus on self care to find my happy place with myself on a daily basis
  • focus on being extra awesome at work
  • being there more for my friends and family, even when I’m too tired to leave my couch
  • getting outdoors more often
  • getting those extra steps in, even when it includes 8 staircases to get to my desk at work
  • Spend less, save more (isn’t this always one on or lists?)
  • more fruits and veggies, less hidden sugars
  • and most of all, be kind

Who knows what the year has ahead. I try not to plan too far, or expect certain things in a certain year. Things can change in an instant so I’d rather focus on steps to those goals, and allow myself to pivot when necessary.

Cheers to another year. Another year younger.


image source – pixabay

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