Be Lazy

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Sunday funday, can give some people FOMO. You feel that you need to be taking advantage of this day on the weekend. Watching the football game at the pub, checking out the latest festival, and/or having a late bottomless brunch with your friends. But do you have to?

What’s wrong with being a little lazy?

Sometimes a “funday” can be a day at home, with your family/friends/pets or just you. Sometimes it’s a day on the couch catching up on the shows you missed having a life during the week. Sometimes it’s a mid-afternoon nap after your workout. Sometimes, it’s making a hot pot of chili, and reading a good book.

You have permission.

Sometimes your mind and body need a little time to recoup and have some chill time. It’s ok to just catch up on “productive”¬†emails and watch a good chick flick. Watching a marathon on netflix of Friends or One Tree Hill (speaking for a friend, here) is totally legit. Your body sometimes needs a little mindlessness to get back to being productive later that day or the next morning. Sometimes your body needs to not go to the gym in order to allow your muscles a rest. Other times your body needs a break from thinking so much (about everything) that joking with your friends via text while watching your fave show together, is exactly what the doctor ordered.

And if you’re still unsure, because you just don’t know how to turn off – Ask yourself…is this making me happy right now? Is this how I want to spend my day? Part of you may be thinking, but I should go do X, but ask yourself again. Do you want to do X or is it just FOMO speaking?

Take a minute. Be mindful of your own needs. And if today your needs say be a little more chill, then do it.

Be lazy.


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