Do people change?

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I’ve heard many times from folks, on TV, etc that “people don’t change” — that down in their core they’re always going to remain the same. If they’re stubborn, they will remain that way. If they’re selfish, they won’t adapt to the positive. To some extent I believe that to be true. If someone has been this way for decades and it has become an ingrained characteristic, it becomes a lot harder to change, making it easier to remain who they are.

However, if someone has been told by someone they respect/love that they need to stop being “X” and that it’s making a negative impact on their relationship, life, etc — there is a higher chance of potential action to change. On another note, if someone has been examining his or her own life, and wants new results, a new way of living and feeling he/she may adapt/change their ways or life in general in order to love themselves and their life more.

I have a close friend who did just that. She realized something wasn’t right, and she worked on adapting her ways, finding who she really is today (vs yesterday or who she thought she was) and is now feeling much more free and truly herself.

I, myself, have found that I have changed and adapted into new versions of myself after certain experiences, after a significant period of time. For instance in my 20s I felt like one person, while now in my 30s I feel like I am evolving into another. Someone who wants to take true action to help animals, the environment (for a better planet), being someone who shows positivity through action (not just words).

I also realized that this past couple years, I’ve become more comfortable in my own skin. I have always had a love for fashion, but since I started at my current job, I felt like I not only found a place I love to work, but a place I feel myself more and more. I found my style. I’m a bit comic book nerd wearing my wonder woman tshirt, but I’m also the female who will walk in with all black and crazy stiletto heels. I am not one person. I am bits and pieces of who I grew up to be, and I am proud to be her.

Are you?


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