Enjoying your own company

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A lot can be said for always being busy and surrounded by people you work with, your friends, and people you enjoy and love. It’s great to have people who make each day pass by with great memories. But something else can be said for taking time to be with someone else very important…you.
I’ve written about taking time for you in the past, which I think is very important. It allows you to find your priorities, make time for things you may not otherwise, etc. “Enjoying your own company” is more than that. It’s about being happy with who you are today and who you’re growing into (because in my opinion, we are always developing into newer versions of ourselves).
When you take time to enjoy your own company, it allows you to be happier as a person and potentially happier in other relationships. It allows you to love yourself first. This is huge, in my book.
Examples of when I take time to hang out with myself include:
  • Going for a long walk
  • Taking photographs
  • Reading a book I haven’t had the time to read
  • Writing a blog post
  • Exercising
  • Watching a tv show (or binge watch…whatever)
  • Get a mani / pedi
  • Cook
These are things we may do for a night to ourselves or with our friends too, but the point is that I’m happy being alone sometimes. Sometimes when we’re alone we think too much, over-analyze situations, stress out, and/or go a little stir crazy. That’s ok, too. Sometimes we need to stress out in order to chill out. It allows us to realize what we’re going through and what we need to do to resolve it so it doesn’t keep reoccurring.
My biggest thing about spending time with myself is that I realized that I’ve grown into a person that I am proud of. We’ve all been through times or phases when that’s not the case. We may think poorly of ourselves due to not having a job, weight gain, a tough breakup or what-have-you. Once you’ve regained a happy place with who you are and are able to spend an afternoon, a day, a weekend, or even a week hanging out with you – you are in a better place to hang with others too. And it will show!
How do you #radiatedaily with your bad self?
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