When things feel difficult, focus on the present

…Be grateful, for what you do have, and worry less about what you don’t. The grass always seems greener, but sometimes it’s just a mirage.

Things can get tough whether it be work, relationships, family issues, health… but in the end a lot of these things are either temporary, and there are bigger things at play… perhaps the climate, and things we can control on a daily basis.

One thing that came to mind to me over the weekend was how much we always have to be grateful for, even when things are rough. Or feel difficult at a certain time. I had a few friends visit who I’ve known and been close with for over a decade and it was a wonderful reminder of despite the bs, it’s nice to inhale the great things in life such as the friendships we hold dear.

We didn’t need to be on a huge adventure or a trip, we were just excited to catch up and enjoy one another’s company. It’s rare these days when many of us live far apart, so it felt even more precious to have time we normally spend in our busy lives, catching up in real life, rather than over text.

A great reminder that we need to make time for the ones who matter in our lives, and be grateful they are there. They care about us. The ones who make us a priority. Take time out for us. Don’t care if you’re just hanging on the couch or if you’re out in the city. Whatever you’re doing you’re having fun because you’re with one another.

Time isn’t always on our side, so take the time to be grateful.

Be grateful for what you do have.

You have so much.


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