Have you found your outlet?

With how busy we all are — and we know it gets busy pretty easily, it’s important to have an outlet. An outlet to release our stress, anxiety, and allow ourselves to turn off. Imagine the feeling of letting go of our worries, our daily concerns, and focusing on an activity that keeps us in the moment, allows us to breathe out the stress, and inhale the calm. Imagine an activity that allows one to feel it’s a special time for you, to have fun, and let go.

We all have a passion or multiple. I enjoy photography, writing, journaling, poetry, reading, creating, live music, being by the water, and being active, especially through cycling / spinning.

Spinning has become my major outlet on a daily basis, because it allows me not only to be physically, emotionally and mentally healthy, but it allows a true release of stress through a helpful outlet. It allows me to let go, be in the moment with the instructor and community. I sweat out my stress. I allow in a sense of appreciation and gratitude for the ability to move and do something that is so good for me.

The community itself is inspiring too, along with the brand, Peloton. The folks within it support each other, high five one another and more. Recently I had the opportunity to take a live ride in the NYC studio with Emma Lovewell (my fave instructor), and even in the front row. It was a melding of folks who truly appreciated the brand, cycling, the experience, and the special occasion to be there in person with Emma. There was so much laughter, ridiculous amount of smiles, and excitement. The adoration of the instructor who inspires us each day to get on that bike and move. The joy of being able to go beyond the screen. The gratitude of being able to cycle with a community who felt the same passion and outlet.

We all have our passions. Some have running, cooking, hiking, and more. In the end, it’s up to you to find one or more that allow you to provide yourself some self care.

Until next time, #radiatedaily

image source: pixabay

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