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Did you know the majority of folks, especially millennials do not take their full vacation time? It’s not just for the sake of not having enough money for vacation, but more so because of falling behind at work, or looking poorly to their superiors. They want to be on top of their job, at all times.

And then there’s a word called burnout.

I once worked at a place where the mid 20 year olds were barely taking any vacation time. And when they did, they stayed on. They checked and answered emails, and sometimes did additional work too. The sad part, their boss was not discouraging to take a real break.

Burnout is real, and vacation isn’t just there for forgetting. People fought fought for a 40 hour work week, so why are we making it 60 hours or more?

I’ve learned over time that taking a day here and there – i.e. a 3 day weekend is important to help me hit my reset button. It allows me the following:

  • Catch up on personal to-dos
  • Sleep a little extra
  • Do nothing, because my brain just wants to turn off
  • Take time to do the things I usually don’t have time for – i.e. go to a museum

Small things, but they help me to feel refreshed and hit the ground running when I’m back at work. Someone even commented once that I looked rested and relaxed. It was nice that it could even be noticed.


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