Hobbies are Cool, No Really They Are

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We get so wrapped up in our daily grind, that sometimes we forget all the cool stuff we used to love doing. Remember the days (it really wasn’t THAT long ago) when we had band practice, volleyball, yearbook, spanish club, and all these activities? We somehow found a way to do it all. And then as time moved on, it’s like the hours vanished too. Not true.

As the BOLD statement goes…

You have the same amount of hoursĀ in a day as Beyonce.

So, let’s make shit happen! This spring and summer, screw the Netflix (ok, we still like Netflix, yes, we do, but give it a “pause”). Think back to all the things you love to do and would do if you had a month off to do it. With the abundance of sunshine and carefreeness that it seems to bring to our energy, make time for the things you wish you had time for, but think you don’t.

For me it’s:

  • Poetry (yep, I used to write a ton)
  • Photography (amateur and have a fun Canon)
  • Museums (I love Art!)
  • Reading (not a hobby, but something I like to make more time for)
  • Sketching (I always wanted to be good at this)
  • Tennis (I could have been an athlete…you never know)
  • Blogging (ok, I definitely still do this)

The hard part, starting. My tip – just jump the hell in!

It’s not about doing the whole list. But finding time to do a couple off the list each week. I’ve polished off two books in the past week (just from commuting, reading outside in the evening – thank you summer, and before bed). I dusted off my camera and have taken it out with me a couple times even for an evening walk. I even wrote 2 new poems one evening, just to say I tried. It rejuvenated me to keep it up. And now I’m stoked to keep up my hobbies. Because hobbies aren’t something you do as a kid or when you’re retired and have nothing better to do. They’re what keep you interesting too!


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