How much of yourself are you willing to lose?

In our relationships, our jobs, our daily lives, there are many things commanding our attention, asking for our time, to choose things besides our own preferences, and leaving us little time for ourselves and what we may want too. It sucks our energy, and part of ourselves each day. But how much is enough? And when do we need to take a step back and evaluate? You’ll know…trust me. One day you’ll just say “I can’t.” It won’t just be in your head, you’ll actually say it out loud, and then it will mark the turn towards giving up more of yourself, and allowing less to be given away.

Now that doesn’t mean you are being selfish. It means you are choosing the opportunities and priorities to give yourself to. You are choosing the ones that don’t mean losing yourself into someone else, or in something that doesn’t provide value and happiness to you and your well being.

Here are a few ways to evaluate when you should toss it aside and put yourself first:

  • When you feel so drained all you can do is sleep
  • When your home life is suffering due to your outside priorities
  • When you are constantly eating out and less healthy
  • When you double or triple book yourself trying to fit everything in
  • When you don’t even have one night to yourself to reboot
  • When you feel like the world is asking too much of you
  • When you want a break from your life, rather than just a vacation

All these are huge signs that you need to change the way you’re living, one step at a time.


image source – pixabay

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