In need of an inspirational quote?

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration. Or a reminder that we’re on the right track or have made it pretty far. Here are a few inspirational quotes I’ve found recently, heard, or thought of myself:

  • Acknowledge the fear and do it anyway – Emma Lovewell
  • Be bold, or stay stagnant
  • Embrace change as change is a constant
  • Be in the moment, before it becomes the past
  • Appreciate what you have, instead of coveting what you don’t
  • Your past self would be so proud of where you are today
  • Be you, first and foremost
  • Love a little harder
  • It’s okay to be selfless sometimes
  • Saying no is saying yes to yourself
  • Let go of the past, it will only hold you down
  • Enjoy the pizza, it’s delicious
  • Life is meant to be enjoyed, not restricted
  • Appreciate the body you’ve been given
  • Friends are family you choose
  • Keep moving, Life is lived forward
  • Animals were meant to remind us of unconditional love
  • Miracles are sometimes felt before they’re seen
  • It wasn’t luck, it was hard work that got you here
  • Appreciate how far you’ve come
  • Value your time, it’s precious
  • Giving is a luxury
  • Be mindful of where you are
  • Love those who deserve your love
  • It’s about your mind. body. and soul.
  • Radiate Daily.

Until next time…


image source: pixabay

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