Judge Yourself

I read a post recently that spoke about how some women are told “they don’t have to dress up” for their office. I was actually told that in the past as well and it made me realize…whether you’re in a conservative or casual office, people have dress code expectations. They either expect you to be “buttoned up” and look sharp or they expect very much the opposite. Not necessarily disheveled, but as if you didn’t put in effort. Jeans and a t-shirt for those folks is the code.
So, if you decide to dress up for a casual office, or dress less perfect for a conservative one, or just dress differently than the norm … you are being judged. Whether you wear heels or sneakers, a blazer or sweatshirt, slacks or skinny jeans…you are being judged. There isn’t always something you can do about being judged, people will do it regardless. However, you can do something about how you judge yourself.
If you like how you feel in what you wear, and it’s “appropriate,” wear it. I am not saying to wear jeans to a business suit environment. But you shouldn’t be thwarted from adding a little personality such as a scarf or shoes you prefer. In the same vein, if you feel more “comfortable’ in a pencil skirt than jeans…wear that pencil skirt like you are walking down a runway. It’s your outfit. And as long as your outfit isn’t causing a “distraction” or as stated before “inappropriate” for the workplace (I don’t suggest a cocktail dress), then rock it.
Rock what you are comfortable wearing.

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