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It’s not just about physical movement that matters to keep us stimulated and healthy. Mental and emotional movement is clutch too.

Whether it’s reading more, listening to a regular podcast, or engaging in a craft or hobby, it’s important to keep our minds stimulating and continuing to learn, and grow. So we as people can be better versions of ourselves, and not become stagnant or complacent in our regular day to day.

So I’m sure you’ve heard of wordle right? C’mon… the guess the 5 letter word game in 6 tries that’s taken over the internet and is now owned by the NY Times?

So I resisted for a while, thinking okay just another game. Then I tried it. And I realized, quickly, that it was a great mind teaser to get my mind going each morning before I started work. It helped me think through a strategy game versus just my normal thinking and got my mind wired for the day. It’s a new way to keep your mind sharp on vocabulary but also thinking through the strategy of the game of the day.

If word games aren’t your thing there are plenty of other options from numbers to puzzles to the ideas I mentioned earlier such as reading and podcasts and what works for you. Remember that’s the key, finding what works for you and ensuring that it’s something that allows you to continue to grow. Continue to challenge yourself. And most of all continue to move yourself – mentally.

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