The thing about gratitude

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Gratitude, a word that scares some, and excites others. Gives some folks the ability to think through the good in their life. The things that actually matter – how little they may be, the small things can add up to making a larger impact in the long run.

I used to stray away from gratitude journals and all that sort. It felt silly and also a chore. I may own a couple and they’re probably collecting dust in a corner of my apartment. However, what I realized was taking a moment each morning – even 60 seconds to jot down a few things I am grateful for that day or that week helps me remember what goodness I do have in my life, especially on a hard day. It also helps start the day on a better foot, because I typically jot down a few thing after my morning workout.

I started to do this in February – just a month, and I’m not saying it’s the key to the kingdom of happiness, but it is helpful in realizing and appreciate what one does have in their life, especially when it can be easy to forget based on how crazy and busy our lives can get.

So how do you get started? Or how do you continue when you want to not bother anymore?

  • Find a way for gratitude that works for you and your lifestyle – don’t do a journal just because others may. Find a process that allows you to do a little each day or each week (doesn’t have to be everyday) as long as you can be consistent and not let it drop off. A few options include taking audio notes on your phone, using an online app, a notebook, or if you do like journals, why not try that too – it can be one made for gratitude or your own journal that you find enjoyable to write in. I use an online notes app and keep a separate note just for this occasion.
  • When you’re not motivated to write, remember the feeling you have after you have completed it. It’s like an exercise routine…when have you ever felt bad after a workout? So when have you ever felt bad after saying what you’re grateful for even if it’s just one thing like a person, a workout, the sunshine, the spring coming, a great new song you discovered, or whatever made you feel extra grateful that day. So when motivation is lacking, remember that determination to continue instead
  • Try it for a month and see how you feel after. Look back at what you wrote and see what themes arise. What you want to continue having or adding to your life and what needs to say bye bye bye.

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