Bailing…What’s the Alt?

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We all live busy lives. There’s always something “better” to do. Or sometimes our couch is just calling our names in front of the netflix series we’re currently digging. It’s just too easy to “bail” or have an excuse to skip dinner, that event, or just that hangout.

But what if we made the effort and didn’t bail that one time? What if you were the only person who showed up for a friend. Imagine the new level of friendship that could happen, and the new memories that could be made…just because you showed up.

I recently had a chance to bail on someone this past weekend. I was tired, and I knew I had a long to-do list (of adulting) to get done – food prep, cleaning, putting away laundry, and just letting myself do nothing for a few hours. However, in the back of my mind there was a nagging voice that kept saying, you haven’t seen this person in literally forever — and when might you next if you don’t go today?
What happened?

It ended up being a whole day of smiles, laughter, freezing cold temps (did not wear enough layers…whoops), making fun of each other, learning new things about one another, developing a better friendship, and best of all learning how well we got along and how much we had in common —– especially food and wine. Sharing food is one of my favorite things so when I can do that with others, it just makes a meal more enjoyable and more to talk about.

As we grow “wiser” (not older, duh), we always say how “busy” we are. But instead, let’s think about how we fill our time, and if we are filling it the way we want to. Shouldn’t we make more time for those who make time for us?

Bailing isn’t something that I’m saying you can’t do. It’s just something that shouldn’t be the mindset to go to on the regular.

What memories are we making watching netflix versus sharing steaming paella that you burn your finger on?

“Food for thought…”



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