Make it your own holiday

Nowadays there’s a day for everything … National Pizza Day, National Donut Day, National [fill in the blank] day…and of course there’s the hallmark days like V-day. Or what some call Galentine’s Day or Single Awareness Day. Whatever you call it, make it yours.

Make a day, just for you.

Forget what national day it might be, unless you really do love it, and hey national pizza day is pretty awesome in my opinion. But things like Valentine’s day isn’t necessary. National Coffee Day (although we love our caffeine) isn’t necessary. Choose and pick what matters to you. Make a national [insert your name here] day.

National Pam Day is obviously pretty awesome … I love it every year on July 2nd, sometimes I even make it a week. B/c why the hell not?

My point is, find ways to celebrate the things you love, the things that make you, you. It doesn’t have to be once a year, it can be once a month, on a Friday or Saturday. Every 3rd Saturday decide to celebrate something you love to do, or something you accomplished, or something you love about yourself. Compliment yourself day.

We all live such busy lives, and there are so many things to recognize or celebrate or attend for other people, don’t forget to take a moment to recognize what you love and care about too. Like, you.


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