Old City, New Me

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It’s often said, “it’s not the destination, but the journey itself that matters.” It wasn’t until I arrived back home in Boston after a four year, life-changing adventure in New Orleans that I truly understood what this well-known saying actually means.

In June of 2010, I packed up my bags and headed to New Orleans to attend business school full-time at Tulane. I had the opportunity to attend b-school in Boston, but was in search of something more. I spent most of my life in Boston and attended undergrad here. I wasn’t satisfied with what was around me and thought, “how is my life going to change?” I left Boston frustrated and eager for a new life- thinking I was escaping the things that bother me the most and starting fresh. Because I was in a new city with a new culture, I think I was able to peel back the onion layers and start to figure out who I was and what I wanted. Thankfully, I landed in a city that accepts people with all different types of eccentricities and goals.

While I was in my new space, many of the frustrations that I thought I left behind in Boston did in fact follow me to New Orleans. My weight, family issues, self-esteem, you name it. The new landscape, however, gave me a chance to dig deep and reinvent myself- by being a more true and healthier version of me. In fact, there’s a chance that I may be the only person to move to a city so well known for its rich food, to lose weight! While living outside of my comfort zone, I discovered a love for running, indoor cycling, and yoga. These activities not only helped me lose some weight and put me on the track to a healthier lifestyle, but they also help me radiate more confidence, awareness and gratitude (even when I may not be totally feeling it). Exercise didn’t solve all of my problems, but it certainly makes some of them more manageable.

So now, four years later, I am back in Boston- my city, but starting from scratch with a new and improved me. While there have been a lot of exciting (and BIG) life changes, I’m a bit overwhelmed at times. I have to find a center and remind myself of how far I’ve come, and not to let little hiccups make me think that I’ve failed. The thing I love the most about returning to Boston is that I’ve discovered, or even rediscovered aspects of the city that I never really noticed or appreciated before. It’s helped spawned a new sense of creativity and appreciation within me. I’m just at the beginning of this new journey, but so far taking the big risk to find myself and moving back home has paid off well.

Because of this, I’m a big supporter of stepping outside of your comfort zone and experiencing life from a different perspective. They say when you’re outside of your comfort zone is where you see the most personal growth.

How do you #RadiateDaily?

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