The company we keep

The company we keep can define us. We can be judged by the person walking next to us. Yes, it shouldn’t matter – and people shouldn’t be so quick to judge – but it happens. And it happens a lot. If you’re best friends with someone who isn’t motivated, cares less about true values, and more about materialistic stuff, then it can cast a shadow on you too.
If you walk into a company party with “joe shmoe” who only cracks jokes about “that one time we were really drunk..” what does that say about you? They may be funny. They may be super nice. The life of the party. Or just someone who has had a bad streak. It still reflects on you.
Then there’s the other side of the coin.
The company we keep can impact our judgement and emotional balance. Let’s say you are always hanging out with someone who is down on life and a constant pity party. It can start to feel depressing, right? Totally understandable to go through a rough patch – and we all need to practice empathy during those times. However, with constant down times, your own views can be impacted and you may look at the world less positively too.
And then there’s those that are constantly talking shit about all their friends – that doesn’t leave the best taste in your mouth. This isn’t high school – we have to grow up sometime (or at least we thought). At times it’s hard not to join in, and say how you feel about so-and-so and other times you sit there thinking, wow – what does this person say about me, when I’m not around?
I’ve tried taking new views on this. Leave the pity party and join the fun ones. Pity parties have a place and time – and are meant to be temporary. Instead, appreciate the friends who talk positively and focus on the good qualities that people have. Cherish the good company you keep.
Food for thought.


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