What do you really want?

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A lot of times, we do what we think we should be doing. We study the subjects our parents hoped for us. We take the jobs that seem sensible. The jobs that will make us money in the long run. We try to think of the normal path of high school, college, maybe grad school, job, marriage, house, kids, so on and so forth. But is that what we really want? Do we have to take the same path as everyone else?

Not everyone follows the same timing, we know that. But you are exactly where you’re supposed to be.

So what about what we want? 

  • I tried following my parents desire for me to be pre-med, but after a while, I realized marketing was more my speed.
  • I tried being one of those folks who cuts out junk food, but I still like my dessert. And that’s ok.
  • I tried being one of those who exercises every day, but sometimes I just want to sleep in. And that’s ok, too.
  • I wanted to get married in my 20s or early thirties but I couldn’t settle for a person who didn’t respect or appreciate me to the level I deserved.
  • I thought I wanted to work in fashion, but I also wanted to work for a company that truly impact the world we live in, and I finally got there. And it’s amazing.
  • I thought I’d be married by now, but being happy with myself is better.
  • I thought I’d be living the same live in the same moment as my friends, and I’m not…and it’s better that way. Our stories are a lot more interesting.

The life I want, is the life I’m living. Is it perfect? No. Could it be better, sure. But I’m happy here, and I’ll get there, eventually too.


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