Escape for a few minutes…

Grab a cup of tea, your favorite coffee or a glass of wine…and settle into your favorite place, that chair in the corner with a blanket and just listen to a little story (in poem fashion). A little escape. An escape for a moment to breathe, let go, and drift into a story.

Listen now to our latest escape for you on Radiate Daily’s podcast.

If you prefer to read, you can do that too…

A person I used to know

Or thought I knew

We laughed, played, and made memories

Short-lived but not shortly-forgotten

It was a chemical reaction that wouldn’t leave the room

Indifference was not easy to come by

There was nothing more in common

There were no more laughs and great times

There was only, what used to be

So now what?

I have to accept who you are today, and not the person I knew

That person is a ghost

That person is not apart of my life

My life has to exist without you

Common kind words

Common courtesy

No more deeper thoughts

No more reading into things

No more wondering, what if

No more thinking could it be fun again

The fun evaporated

You evaporated

What is left

What is left is me

Standing still

Ready to move on

Moving on stronger

Moving on with purpose

Moving to a new place and new people

Being the person I’m meant to be




A Warrior ready to take on what comes next

Until next time, #radiatedaily

image source: pixabay

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