Do you enjoy your own company?

I remember when the show SATC was originally popular and I admit I was watching during reruns…I saw the episode where Carrie took herself out. No phone. No book. Just herself and her meal, at a table for one. It was such an accomplishment for her…and truthfully I feel like it is definitely a stepping stone to feeling more confident in your own shoes.

When I lived in NYC, there were many times where friends or fam weren’t always around to hang out with — and it’s true that as you grow older, your circle may be closer, but it definitely becomes smaller too. There is nothing wrong with that – again looking at SATC (not the best show to compare yourself to, but this example fits), you see Carrie had 3 main friends she was committed to. Whom she saw regularly. The people she trusted most with her secrets, needs, and company. However, with a small circle, one must also be more independent. Being able to be best friends with yourself…is a great start.

A few ways I started to hang out with myself included:

  • Taking myself out for lunch or dinner (I realized it was easier at less busier restaurants or sitting at the bar, where you can have a conversation with someone if you want to).
  • Exploring new places including museums, events, etc — I realized that there would be cool events I wanted to attend such as hearing a speaker talk, and not everyone may be into it. So I got myself a ticket and went anyway. It also created an opportunity to meet other like-minded folks at the event, or at least enjoy the event for myself.
  • Treating myself to self-care days including mani-pedis, walks around the city, my favorite gym classes (pre-peloton), walking by the water and taking photographs.

It isn’t always easy to do things on your own, but it makes you stronger. It allows you to realize your own company can be pretty nice. You don’t always need headphones on, or a book at the bar, sometimes your own company is enough. Although I admit having a nice book to read can be pretty nice too. 😉

Until next time, #radiatedaily

image source: pixabay

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